Casa Bella Residential StaffingCasa Bella Residential Staffing

Our team is comprised of professionals with experience as successful placement specialists and private service professionals. Our security team has extensive experience working within the finest estates and homes across the United States. This knowledge and expertise gives us a unique understanding of our clients’ needs as well as our candidates’ experience.

Casa Bella Residential Staffing has a rigorous vetting process for our candidates. We require all candidates to have prior professional experience working in fine private homes/estates. Candidates must also provide verifiable references from previous employers, and must be legally eligible to work in the United States.

Our team personally interviews each candidate to review their work history, credentials and personality. We conduct a standard background check to include criminal and driving records, and at the client’s request we can also conduct a more intensive screening to include additional due diligence on any selected candidate.

We offer two search options: the Traditional Contingent Search, and the Retained Search. For more information on these searches, please contact us directly.

Our security and investigative professionals deliver a premier service to individuals and corporate organizations. We develop close relationships with our clients who appreciate our total discretion and professionalism. Our work is based on a careful assessment and analysis of our clients’ needs

Our hand-picked security team has over 50 years of combined experience in multiple jurisdictions including New York and South Florida and are comprised of highly trained, credentialed active and retired law enforcement personnel. They have been trained with operational experience through law enforcement and military service.

Our Security & Investigative Serices

Estate Security

Our concierge security plans are formulated and tailored to suit your lifestyle and requirements by providing a complete and comprehensive concierge security service for your home or estate without being intrusive in your private life. We work with licensed protection agents who are all experienced in private security work. In addition, we offer services such as property threat assessments, CCTV and alarm installations as well as mail monitoring.

Our concierge security team is comprised of licensed protection agents who have experience working in private security work.

Background Investigations

Our security team has the investigative experience and the technology to conduct reliable background investigations for business, criminal, insurance fraud or personal matters. We can also assist with pre-employment screening of potential business partners, domestic staff workers, witnesses, and any significant others that you may have concerns about.

Executive Protection

Due to the global security climate, there are increased risks to those who conduct US and International business. To help mitigate these risks, we offer a comprehensive executive protection service tailored to your specific needs. Our executive protection agents are all experienced former and active law enforcement and military members who have served in elite units. This gives them the knowledge to deal with any executive and dignitary protection that our clients may be concerned with.

Our executive protection services can be deployed as individuals or as a team and can include anything from secured transportation, medical support, travel management, logistical planning, crisis management and emergency coordination.

Event Security

Security plays an integral part of any successful event. With every event we assist with, we extensively plan and research so we have a thorough and complete understanding of the event. Our team can assist with special event coordination, vendor screening and supervision, and assist with collaborating with any local governments or law enforcement agencies. Our team is here to maintain public safety and ensure that everything proceeds without interruption, allowing you to concentrate on the smooth running of your event.