In addition to our Professional Placement Services and Residence Management, we are pleased to offer in-depth consulting services, proper hands-on training and personalized household documentation that supports consistent, top-notch service from your dedicated staff, both new and existing.
We relieve you of the burden of having to confront your household personnel with every minor detail by acting as mediators, as well as instructors, to ensure that all points and problems are brought to your household personnels’ attention.

Your Household Directory includes your favorites and preferences, as well as important personal information. Together with the Casa Bella Staffing specialist, you will choose the information categories you would like included in your Household Directory.

Once all information has been collected, it is compiled in a personalized binder. You will also receive a digital copy for your records.

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Client Registration

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Tailored Training

The following are examples of some training topics we cover. We customize the specific content to suit your household’s unique needs.

Examples of Training and Help Topics you may consider:

  • General cleaning procedures
  • Proper handling and cleaning care of antiques and valuables
  • Closet management and arrangement – care of clothes
  • Packing a suitcase for travel
  • How to handle tradespeople while working in your home or on the grounds
  • Proper etiquette while inside your home and off the premises
  • Proper technique for answering the telephone and taking messages
  • How to answer the door and receive guests
  • Serving light refreshments or gourmet dinners
  • Proper table settings for different occasions
  • Fire and security points, procedures and prevention
  • Shopping tips for foods and wines – which stores to use
  • Menu planning
  • Basic knowledge of wines and champagnes
  • Minor household disaster remedies

Personalized Household Documentation

One of the best ways to reinforce household best practices and your preferences is to provide your staff with a customized Household Manual. This pictorial guide of your home is a key reference for your household personnel, so there’s no mistaking or second-guessing how you wish daily tasks to be carried out by them.

To create your customized Household Manual, a Casa Bella Staffing Specialist will walk with you through your home to determine the number of rooms that will be included. During the tour, we will carefully document proper arrangement and display of furniture and items with photographs and video, so that they will always be returned to their proper position after they have been moved for cleaning or any other reason. For example: The exact arrangement of cushions on a sofa, bed or the exact placement of books, crystal and other items on a shelf after cleaning.

Along with visually documenting each room, a description of what has to be done, how it should be done, what cleaning products should be used, etc. are carefully noted. Once all of the information and photos have been collected, it is compiled in a personalized binder to be referred to by your household personnel. You will also receive a digital copy for your records.

Once your Household Manual is finished, its benefits are ongoing. The reference it provides reduces time in training new household personnel and eliminates questioning from existing household personnel on how you wish your home to be presented.

Customized Household Directory

The customized Household Directory is a personalized compilation of the requirements, needs, preferences and favorites for you, your family and your home. This beneficial tool gives your household personnel convenient access to accurate personal and household information in the event of an emergency or as a reference aide.

Your Household Directory includes:

  • Birth dates
  • Clothing and shoe sizes
  • Personal & household service providers’ contact information
  • Doctor/dentist contact information
  • Information about frequent guests and their preferences
  • Travel information, including passports, TSA numbers, packing lists, etc.
  • Preventative maintenance procedures
  • Pet information, including veterinarians
  • Security procedures
  • Cleaning routines
  • Household personnel schedules
  • Laundry preferences
  • Entertainment preferences
  • Menus & caterers
  • And more! Whatever is most important for your staff to know.

There may be certain sections of your household directory that you would prefer to share with only select staff, so it’s designed so that you can easily remove sensitive information at your discretion. The Household Directory has many uses and provides you with the reassurance of knowing all your most valuable information is collected in one book.

Other Ways We Can Serve You

Beyond domestic staffing placement services, we offer a wide-range of related services including specialized training for new and/or existing staff, setting up a new property (including summer/winter home, yacht, private plane and so on), creating customized home manuals and directories, and residence management, among other offerings.

For bespoke services, we provide you with a customized plan and associated process, in writing, to ensure you are comfortable and fully informed before proceeding.