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A Message From Our Founder

After several years of working for one of the oldest brand name household staffing agencies in Palm Beach, and with over ten years of experience working in fine private Estates as a Personal Assistant and Estate Manager, I have a clear understanding of my clients’ needs. My experience in placing, and management of world class household staff, has led me to start my very own staffing agency, where finding the perfect fit is of utmost importance to me.

Clients and/or their representatives benefit from my skills and knowledge of both sides of the industry, as I am able to provide unique consulting services in regards to household staffing.

I have successfully placed household staff in some of the nation’s most prominent homes, including several clients in the Forbes 400. My top priority is to build a long lasting relationship with my clients. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your household staffing needs.

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Isabel Marques

President and Founder

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Casa Bella Staffing provides our clients with our professional knowledge and years of experience in the residential staffing industry. We are dedicated to providing clients seeking staffing for their elite estates and fine homes, honorable and quality candidates to review and hire. Our successful staffing history stands for integrity, trustworthiness and respect for both our clients and our applicants. We appreciate your interest in us and we look forward to serving you.

Professional Placements

Casa Bella Residential Staffing specializes in placing the highest qualified candidates for your domestic staffing needs. Our goal is to recruit and place candidates that will be the perfect fit based on your individual needs.

Chief of Staff

A Chief of Staff is responsible for managing all aspects of multiple estates, overseeing multiple estate managers and is responsible for all staffing needs in all properties.

Estate or Property Manager

The estate manager is responsible for all aspects of managing a large private estate and/or multiple properties, the grounds, vendors and the staff required to maintain the household.

Executive Personal Assistant

An Executive Personal Assistant works directly with the principal on all aspects of running their business and personal calendars.

Estate Security

Estate Security Professionals are responsible for all aspects of protecting the principal, their family, the estate and its contents and everyone who is on property at all times.

Personal Chef

An executive chef is responsible for the  preparation of all meals, menu planning, grocery shopping, event coordination, inventory maintenance, budget, clean up and overseeing of any table service.

Facilities Manager

The facilities manager is responsible for the maintenance of the outside/inside of the estate/home.

Domestic Couple

An executive housekeeper is responsible for maintaining the interior of the property.

Executive Housekeeper

An executive housekeeper is responsible for maintaining the interior of the property.

Personal Care

Our personal care category includes positions such as; nanny or governess, companion, butler, baby nurse and lady’s maid.

Additional Household Staff

Our additional household staff category includes positions such as; chauffer, handyman and caretaker.

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