Nanny or Governess

A professional nanny is responsible for supervising and caring for the principals’ children and any of their guests. They are responsible for arranging any activities, play dates, transporting the children to and from school and making sure their schoolwork is up to date. The nanny may also prepare meals for the children, keep their rooms clean and play areas organized.

She/he should have good communication skills, a college education or degree and certified in CPR/First Aid response. He/She should have a friendly disposition, be energetic and be willing to travel. May also have to run some errands for the family and do some chores around the house while the children are in school.

A Governess as all the responsibilities of a Nanny. He/She will have a formal degree related to education and is capable of tutoring children. He/She may also be capable of caring for children with special needs.

Placement Duties

  • Arrange activities and play dates
  • Supervise any school work
  • Prepare meals
  • Keep up with laundry/Cleaning Child’s Room/Play Area
  • Bathing and dressing children
  • Care of infants
  • Run errands