Chief of Staff

A Chief of Staff is responsible for managing all aspects of multiple estates, overseeing multiple estate managers and is responsible for all staffing needs in all properties. He/she should have excellent management skills, be personable, have exceptional organizational skills, be able to operate well under pressure with strict time constraints, have a sound judgment and be precise in decision making. He/she will oversee multiple budgets and accounts (e.g. different households, yachts, private aviation, private offices…), oversee any construction or renovation projects as well as any large social events, attend to any requests from the principals and delegate these requests to the appropriate staff while always maintaining the privacy of the principals.

A college degree is recommended but a high priority is placed on prior experience. Candidates should have a background in technology and accounting.

Placement Duties

  • Training management and staff
  • Oversee multiple properties
  • Develop any procedural manuals
  • Oversee large projects
  • Manage budgets and accounts