Household Manager

Your Household Manager is the key point person who supervises and manages a single private residence and its staff and vendors. She or he is there to facilitate your household running like clockwork, with all staff appropriately trained, all schedules set and maintained, and all household needs met in the most efficient manner possible.

Because this position entails a solid background in and understanding of effective household management, the ideal candidate should have a background in housekeeping, household maintenance and/or event planning. It’s also quite likely this person has actually worked in the very domestic staffing positions she or he manages (i.e. houseman/housekeeper, personal assistant, etc.) or has high-level or managerial experience in the hospitality industry.

Placement Duties

  • Train and manage all your residence’s household staff, both interior and exterior (facilities and grounds, etc.)
  • Oversee relationships with outside vendors
  • Develop and enforce schedules
  • Set and safeguard household standards