Facilities Manager

The facilities manager is responsible for the maintenance of the outside/inside of the estate/home. He/She is responsible for general repairs, maintaining vehicles, maintaining machinery, overseeing vendors and scheduling monthly/annual services/repairs.

The facilities manager should have excellent management skills, be personable, organized, should operate well under pressure and strict time constraints. He/She will work directly with the estate manager to oversee any and all construction or renovation projects.

Placement Duties

  • Grounds and inside maintenance
  • Upkeep of vehicles and machinery
  • General repairs
  • Oversee vendors


The gardener will oversee all aspects of maintaining formal and/or informal gardens on the estate, lawns, shrubs, flower beds, vegetable gardens and fruit trees.


The groundskeeping staff member works with the gardening staff to care for and maintain the property grounds.

Ranch Staff

Your ranch staff is responsible for all aspects of the smooth running of your ranch or farm, including the expert care of your livestock.